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Zero Degrees
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Zero Degrees

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Discover a new taste sensation!

The latest offering from LA SEMEUSE, curator of exceptional artisan coffees, is a blend of two grand cru coffees with original characteristics: a Bourbon/Pacas from the "Ayutepeque" farm in El Salvador combined with an Arabica from the Lintong Raja Batak terroir grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Lintong Raja Batak is brand new discovery for this 2021 release. Grown at an altitude of between 1200 and 1500 metres, the coffee from growers in the Lintong region has an exceptional cup quality.


Spicy, fruity, chocolatey

Taste note

Caramel, red fruit & tobacco


Salvador: Emilio Lopez
Indonesia: Klasik Beans Sumatra


Salvador: Ayutepeque
Indonesia: Lintong Raja Batak


Salvador: 1000-1100m
Indonesia: 1200m-1500m


Arabica: 100%


Salvador: Red Bourbon, Pacas
Indonesia: Blend of varieties


Salvador: 75% washed – 25% natural
Indonesia: Honey process


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Salvador - Indonesia


The "Ayutepeque" terroir is a farm spanning 160 hectares, set on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano at an altitude of between 1000 and 1100 metres. After numerous experiments, producer Emilio discovered that the best way to showcase the coffees from Ayutepeque was to create a blend – ideally for espresso – of Red Bourbon and Pacas, 75% washed and 25% natural.
Emilio is a prod
...ucer with a passion for his craft, always seeking to achieve perfection, both on his farm and in the cup. His watchwords are quality, consistency and innovation.


The island of Sumatra, one of the largest in the Indonesian archipelago, currently produces around 65% of the Indonesian Arabica crop. Our selection, "Le Lintong Raja Batak", is produced in very small quantities in the mountains in northern Sumatra, west of Lake Toba.
Batak is the name of a tribe which left the Philippines 3000 years ago and migrated to these mountains. The story goes that Raja Batak, the forefather of this entire tribe, was so fascinated by the beauty of the landscape created by this chain of mountains that he decided to settle here permanently.
The conditions created in this region surrounding the lake – altitude, climate and fertility of the soil – are ideal for the production of a high quality coffee.
Indonesia, a country the size of Europe, stretches over more than 5000 km from east to west. The vast diversity of terroirs and the huge variety of preparation methods mean that coffee from this origin is exceptionally rich in terms of cup profiles.

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