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How do reward points work?

Our reward points system is explained below, along with details of the procedure to follow:

All our coffee packs include reward coupons, usually printed on the back of the packs. Each coupon features a little hat (see image).

To collect reward points, the first step is to cut out these coupons.


The next step is to collect 48 points (1 hat = 1 point).
To enable you to do this, your orders will regularly include blank cards to which you can affix your coupons.
We also offer our customers the option to print these cards out at home using the PDF file available on our website:

Print our cards

You can also group your coupons together using a paper clip or staple. The most important thing is that the coupons must be grouped in batches of 48.
If you need any cards for affixing your coupons, we will be happy to send you some by post.

Depending on the number of points collected, you can then choose a gift from our rewards catalogue. A link to our online catalogue can be found below:

Online catalogue

For example: to obtain a 250 g pack of whole bean coffee, you must collect 96 points = 2 reward cards

1) By post :

You can send us your coupons by post at the following address:
La Semeuse SA
Allée Paysans-Horlogers 1
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

Before posting, please ensure that your contact details and choice of gifts are correct.

You will then receive your chosen gift(s) by post.
As "reward cards" orders are not processed as a priority, these items may be delivered after the rest of your orders. Thank you for your understanding.

2) Store :

You can also redeem your reward points directly in store.
Before coming into the store, please ensure you have grouped your coupons into batches of 48.
Store opening times: Monday to Friday 8 am - 5 pm.