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for all coffee lovers

Behind this name lies a family, producers and master roasters united by the same passion: to offer you the best.

Perle de Café coffee is created in a small coffee-roasting shop using traditional techniques. As a result, the coffee beans from each terroir are roasted in a 22-kg drum roaster. Each has its own unique roast profile.

The traceability of Perle de Café and the transparency of the entire production process are essential. Each terroir is selected with our partner based on a story, a message or a unique characteristic.


A new vision for our coffee

- A small roast focussing on specialty coffees
- A current range of 6 coffees, each of which boasts an exceptional taste and a unique profile
- A new vision of coffee conceived and expressed by 3 passionate young professionals
- A small organisation within LA SEMEUSE, finding its own expression thanks to its small 22-kg roaster
- Most of our products are certified organic and revolve around 3 essential values: People, the terroir, and sustainability

PERLE DE CAFÉ is ESSENTIALLY a brand created and managed by the new generation at LA SEMEUSE.

With its 123 years of expertise, LA SEMEUSE is helping ensure the success of PERLE DE CAFÉ by offering it a unique creative space, and providing support in the form of its experience and skills.

Under the impetus of Nicolas Bihler, CEO of LA SEMEUSE and sponsor of the project, PERLE DE CAFÉ is finding full expression, creating unique and reformulated coffees to help you discover a new way of enjoying coffee.

What is a speciality coffee?

The Perle de Café range is made up of speciality coffees with exceptional flavour characteristics. These premium-quality coffees are only available in limited quantities.

A project behind every coffee

Behind each of our specialty coffees is a particular project which
showcases the local producers in each terroir, and defends their interests.

Find out more about them below:


A coffee designed and roasted for Slow Coffee. Rwanda is a sweet, fruity specialty coffee with gourmet notes of fresh almonds, apricots and honey.


A well-balanced, gourmet blend of washed and natural Arabicas from Guatemala, Brazil and El Salvador.


Two grand crus, one blend
Our Crema Organic is a blend of organic coffees from Entre Sierras Colombia and Aymara Bolivia.


Bolivia is a major producer of organic coffee and the first plantations in the 1950s were shade-grown coffee trees.


Factory of Clouds
Originally from the Planadas terroirs, south of the Tolima region, this coffee is grown in a high altitude area very often covered by clouds.


Coffee growing in forest areas
A forest coffee is a premium-quality coffee produced in a very well-preserved environment.


One project, five women
Mulheres do Caparaó is a naturally fermented speciality coffee. It is grown by a cooperative of five women from the Caparaó region.

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The six Perle de Café specialty coffees are available as whole beans (250 g).

Espresso, Crema Organic and Ethiopia are also available in 44-mm pods.



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